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Deivathin Kural தெய்வத்தின் குரல்

  Welcome to our website. This site reflects our efforts to provide meaningful information about the seven volumes of "Deivathin Kural", compiled from the discourses and discussions by "Kanchi Maha Periyava", known to all devotees in Tamilnadu as "Nadamaadum Deivam".

  Each one of the seven volumes is a massive compilation of information relating to our Traditions, Scriptures, Literature, Linguistics, History and a host of other topics. The seven volumes were published over a period of twentyfive years between 1975 and 2000, the result of monumental effort by Ra. Ganapthy.

  With the advent of the electronic media, several friends had indicated an interest in providing some means to search through the volumes. This site addresses this issue and provides some resources for viewers to locate information with some degree of success. Yet, it must be admitted that searching for information in this massive collection, poses great challenges in just figuring out what one might be looking for.

   We will consider ourselves blessed if our efforts measure up to the expectations of our viewers. We extend our hearty welcome.

Seven Volumes

Seven Volumes of Deivathin Kural
Deivathin Kural is more than a printed publication in terms of what it contains and what it conveys. The people of India have gained extensive insights into the Dharmic way of life from what is written in the seven volumes. One would see a dictionary in the volume while others may read stories or learn about India's past, and yet many more will see the tenets of Spiritual India explained in the simplest manner leading to a clear understanding of Vedas and Puranas. The linked contents provide additional information about the contents of the volumes.

About Periyava

Maha Periyava and Ra. Ganapathy
Ra. Ganapthy, the author of these massive compilations, did not ever envisage in his early life that one day he will undertake the noble task. He shirked visibility and remained close to Maha Periyava, meticulously noting down the essence of dicussions and discourses. Ra. Ganapathy is one of the blessed persons to have gained some information about Maha Periyava's personal life. Interesting details are presented through this link.


References on Maha Periyava
From the time the volumes of Deivathin Kural were published, the urge among the devotees to write about their own (now enhanced) understanding of Maha Periyava's greatness, has led to scores of publications, all of them contributing to Value Addition to the seven volumes. Some of these books have become highly valued references.

Topics of Interest

Topics of specific interests in the seven volumes
The massive compilation of Maha Periyava's discourses is very well structured in terms of major concepts and specific topics. It so happens that many of these maybe read by themselves without loosing their relevance to the Dharmic Life in India. These sections are a tribute to Maha Periyava's extensive research into what constitutes Hindu way of life.


Credits and Acknowledgments.
Over a period of more than a decade, many have extended their support for our efforts at concordance generation. Here is our expression of gratitude to them.

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