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More web references for Deivathin Kural

     Over the years many web sites have come up presenting much useful information on Maha Periyava as well as Deivathin Kural. The list below is illustrative of some of the more popular sites hosting such information.

First and foremost, the sites which host electronic version of the seven volumes of Deivathin Kural

1. Web site of Kanchi Mutt

2. Wordpress hosted site

    Sites relating to Maha Periyava

1. Periyava Times

2. Site dedicated to Maha Periyava

3. Sage of Kanchi : Blog Site

Personal experiences of hundreds of devotees can be read from the above site.

Web sites on Maha Periyava

A search on google with the phrase "deivathin kural" shows up with many versions.

PDF copies of Deivathin Kural have been floating around in the web for several years now. We have observed that these are generally incomplete and suffer from font related errors. Most of the downloadable versions are meant for large screen devices.

The following are some difficulties in using them as references.

Ra. ganapathy's preface as well as Thirunavukkarasu's (Publisher) introduction to each volume are missed out.

Footnotes are not included in many cases

A suitable table of contents is seen with very few versions

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