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     The idea of preparing the concordance was first envisaged along the lines of indexing web pages. However, mere indexing of the words would offer only the facility to locate a keyword and not provide additional help in specifying a context. This required help and suggestions from scholars familiar with the text. Computer programming was not a major issue.

We are grateful to the late Brahmasri S. V. Radhakrishna Sastri for suggesting the idea of the context. Some ten years ago with his help we contacted Ra. Ganapathy to seek his concurrence on the idea of electronically indexing the text. We were indeed blessed to receive a positive response from him. Though Ra. Ganapathy is no longer with us in this world, we express our immense gratitude to him, for the permission he gave us to go ahead with the project.

At that time, Electronic Versions of Deivathin Kuralwere available at the kamakoti web site which relied on the availability of a specific font for viewing the pages. This format, while it did provide for a display, did not lend itself to linguistic processing. The volunteers of Vidya Vrikshah offered to help clean the text already available and also typed in all the missing titles in the web site.

We are grateful to the volunteers of Vidya Vrikshah for their efforts to making the text presentable with a new font which more or less reflects the type used in the printed versions. True to their conviction that knowledge of the kind, which one treasures in the volumes of Deivathin Kural, should be shared without any sort of credit, the volunteers have preferred to remain anonymous.

Computer processing was made easy with the text converted to the coding scheme proposed at IIT Madras and the Multilingual Software was extensively used in preparing the text. To all the students of IIT Madras who had made the software a reality, we express our gratitude.


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