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     In the Hindu way of life, one observes that one benefits from routine activity undertaken at different times during the day. This activity may be physical as well as mental where something familiar is recalled every day. Keeping routines help in maintaining a healthy attitude towards life. Interacting with others who also maintain routines always leads to pleasurable experiences.

In this context, we present below something one can look forward to on a daily basis. It goes without saying that this would be related to Deivathin Kural and of course Maha Periyava.

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Periyava image for the day
Each time this page is loaded, one photo of Maha Periyava in the company of devotees will be seen below. The context in which the photo was taken may also get shown for the benefit of those who may be curious to know the same. From hundreds of photos preserved and made available by many devotees, we have selected at random one image, from a list of about 100 where the photos have clarity in detail. Some rare photos have been enhanced electronically to merit inclusion in the list on account of their importance.

Seeing the image will be a rewarding experience for the viewer because one will be able to infer much about what the Acharya stood and lived for to preserve Sanathana Dharma. His life should inspire all of us to do our bit to see that knowledge about our tradition and values does not disappear with the current aging generation.

     image about acharya

  Maha Periyava after finishing his Anushtanam at a temple tank in Chennai-1958

A thought for the day

  Adi Shankara

 You may also want to contemplate on the image above to imbibe the spirit of "Sanathana Dharma" from the teachings of the great Acharya Adi Shankara, which Maha Periyava had extensively dealt with in his discourses.

The text in the image is in the Grantha Script which Maha Periyava was keen on being preserved. We have a separate page devoted to the discussion of this script along with a tutorial to learn the same.

Devotees who are computer savvy will be pleased to know that a text editor which allows data entry in the script is also availble as part of the Multilingual Software created at IIT Madras.

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