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The Grantha Script

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A short Tutorial

     In this tutorial, we introduce the orthography (shape of letters) of the Grantha Script. This script was used for writing in Sanskrit as well as a language mixture known as "Manipravalam". The script is shown in comparison with Devanagari as well as Tamil writing for the viewer to quickly follow the basics of the script. In the absence of appropriate fonts for the display of Grantha on a web browser, the tutorial is presented through images. Different sections of the tutorial may be selected using the links at right. The sections will appear in the frame below.

Grantha Script


The text in Devanagari seen above is what is inscribed in the image at left in the Grantha Script.

Links for the sections in the tutorial


More on Basic-Aksharas

Generic Consonants and vowel combintions


Special shapes for samyuktakshars with "ya" and "ra"

A PDF file of this short tutorial is available for download in the downloads page

Maha Periyava was keen on this script being preserved for posterity. The Grantha script was the chosen script by scholars who created Palm-leaf manuscripts. For over two centuries spanning the years 1700-1950, Palm-leaf manuscripts were the main source of information for scholars until printing in Devanagari gained prominence.

Rare works on Vedic Dharma, discourses on Puranas, biographies etc., are known to exist only on Palm-leaf manusripts and are preserved mostly in special libraries in India. Much effort is needed to preserve the contents of these manuscripts. We owe it to ourselves to ensure that the manuscripts are recreated before they are lost for ever through degradation.

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