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Stotra Mala

   Welcome to this page featuring Stotras. Stotra reciting has been a daily routine in the lives of many Indian families with strong belief in India's tradition and values. Stotras are not merely prayers but contain valuable information about scriptures and the concept behind worshipping Deities.

Devi Kamakshi

With the Blessings of Devi Kamakshi

  This presentation is an inspiration from an earlier document prepared by volunteers of the Kanchi Math. That document presented the Stotras in English text (Roman script) and it was felt that for the benefit of the current generation, displaying the same in Sanskrit (Devanagari script) would be appropriate. Additionally, the Stotras are shown in the following scripts: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Roman diacritics.

   To provide the required uniformity, Stotras at this site are shown in image form generated from properly created text consistent with the scripts. This approach will assure uniformity of display across most of the systems in use today viz., Windows-7,8,10, Linux, Mac, Smart phones etc.

Mahaperiyava Anugraham

Stotra List

There are 108 Stotras included in this presentation. These have been grouped under different heads typically corresponding to specific deities, Verses from the Scriptures, Bhajans etc.

The following link provides an introduction to the groups.

Stotra Listings

Audio Rendering of Stotras

Stotra-Mala in PDF

Copies of the PDF version of Stotra-Mala in different scripts are available for personal use. Please send a request to the address given in the contact link.

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