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    Basic information relating to the downloadable lists

   Manually prepared word lists for each volume are available for download. These lists are provided for off-line reference and are therefore shorter. Yet, they may give an idea of important words one is likely to look for. For a comprehensive list (Concordance) it will be necessary to use the search facility included at this site.

The page on Approach to generating concordance has details on how these lists were generated. The downloads are in PDF format. The entries in each list (per volume) have three fields

Word  Pararef  Fileref  (as seen below)
wordlist format
File reference (Fileref) gives the index of the essay within the volume. It is structured as Vol.No-Fileindex.

The reference to the contents is obtained by looking up the title of the Essay in the Table of Titles (included as a separate PDF file) using the Fileindex. Pararef is the number of the paragraph in the text of the Essay which has the word. The first four or five lines of text in the Essay (which give details of the major topic, subtopic and the title of the essay) were also reckoned as paragraphs while generating the Concordance and so the very first para will start at five (or six) when the essay is seen at the Kamakoti site which displays only the Essay title.

The text of the Essay will have to be accessed at the Kamakoti site using the filename given against the title of the Essay in the table of Titles. Viewers who possess printed versions of the volumes may refer to the table of contents in the printed volume to locate the title. The index of the title will give an idea of where in the volume the title may be located. The image below shows some sample lines from the table of titles for Volume-2.

The URL at the kamakoti site will be in the following format where file.htm should be substituted from the reference in the title table.

Note: It is quite likely that the manually prepared lists will get updated from time to time based on feedback received from viewers. The time of last update of these lists is shown against each volume

List of Long words selected manually across all the volumes. (2.1 MB)

List of Short words selected manually across all the volumes.(2.1 MB)

List of Quoted words for all the volumes.(1.3 MB)

List of English words for all the volumes.(690 kB)

Table of titles for all the volumes.(432.5 kB)

The above files were generated(updated) on Nov. 4, 2018

The files shown above will help locate words in the seven volumes. Yet, it is possible that some viewers may desire to have the concordance split into individual files for each volume. Split versions will be easier to look up since the additional step involved in identifying the volume will not be required.

Split versions for each volume are still being generated. Those interested in having the split versions may contact the administrator at the address provided in the contacts.php page.

Split versions of Concordance

Concordance for individual volumes including Long words, Short words, Quoted words and English words. One single file. (will be available against request when ready: please check availability)

Availability : Kindly wait








About Downloads

Word lists prepared manually are made available here for off-line reference. For each volume lists of Long as well as Short words along with Quoted words and English words may be freely downloaded. This page also describes the format in which the word lists are provided.

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