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Page structure explained

     It is to be noted that at this site, all viewable pages have the same structure and format. This organization makes it easy to identify a book marked page. Adding additional pages is also simplified since a template for the page is used to fill in new data.

The column at right explains the structure shown in the following image.

Page Structure

Page organization

1. The logo image of the page. Each page may display a different image related to the context of the page.

2. All the content at the site is grouped under the six major divisions. These can be selected from all pages except the page created for the specific division to avoid recursive calling of the same page.

3. Indicates how the page is navigated to, starting from the home page.

4. The main section of the page

5. The column at right provides quick links to different parts of the page as well as links to related information.

6. The area where interesting text will be displayed. The text seen here will change (chosen at random) each time the page is loaded.

7. Today as per the Indian calendar (Panchang)

8. Navigation links at the bottom for easy navigation when a page is long. This helps avoid scrolling back to the top navigation links.

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