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Anecdotes from Maha Periyava's life

     Here are some anecdotes from Maha Periyava's life. It is well known that Maha Periyava had divulged very little of his personal life to anyone, even to those who remained close to him, serving him for long periods. We are fortunate to have on record a few instances of events from his early life, recalled by a select few, who heard about them from Maha periyava himself .

Over the years, hundreds of devotees have recalled the experiences of their darshans with Maha Periyava. The personal experiences of the devotees find expression through their blogs or discussions on the web and of course in the printed volumes of "Darshana experiences with Maha periyava" published by Vanathi Pathippagam(in Tamil). The Online References link below the Logo at the top has additional information relating to this.

The Anecdotes selected for view in these pages have been grouped into three major heads: Early life, 1920s-1960s and Later years. The grouping is arbitrary and it is quite posible that some anecdotes fall under the wrong head. Some of the Anecdotes have been taken from the volumes of Deivathin Kural and books by Ra. Ganapathy.

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