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     Technological advances have ushered in changes in the attitude to life for the present generation of people in India. These changes in attitude, compared to the earlier generation, seem to drive the present generation more towards materialistic aspects of life. Yet we are also seeing a trend where technology is helping the young to seek answers to questions relating to the Hindu way of life.

This is not surprising because the whole world seems to have woken up to the tenets of Hinduism where one's life is not constrained by adherence to fundamental beliefs but allows one to define and follow one's own. This is viewed as somewhat radical since traditionally conforming to prevailing rules and beliefs was expected, despite the freedom.

It is on this important point one finds answers to the hundreds of questions arising in the minds of people, in the seven volumes of Deivathin Kural. We have seen that exposure to the essays in the volumes have not only led people to get the answers but more importantly get convinced about the answers as well.

Interestingly, seeking comforts with modern technology does not really see people turning themselves away from tradition but has given them the means to understand its importance for the society. Social media is helping the community to come together and disseminate the required information to a much larger section of the community than would otherwise be possible. There is now some hope that the greatness of the Hindu way of life can be passed on to the coming generations, thanks to storage technologies which allow people to access information even on the move.

Maha Periyava had not decried technology nor the (then) attitudes of the west but had emphasized the need to retain our traditional and cultural strength by very clear explanation through anecdotes, stories and historical developments. That is why we feel that the younger generation should have the benefit of his discourses, discussions and more.

The creators of this site would greatly appreciate it if the present generation extends support to this by disseminating what they see at this site in respect of all aspects of Sanathana Dharma that we are striving to preserve.

We seek the blessings of Maha Periyava and all the great Acharyas for continued enhancement of our understanding of Sanathana Dharma.

Seeking Maha Periyava's Blessings

  Periyava Blessing

 Deivathin Kural is a wake up call for all of us to look back first at what we were, which made the nation envious in the eyes of the west. At this point in time, almost a quarter century after Maha Periyava left this world, his guidance continues to gain importance in this technologically speeded up but morally confused society.

Yes, one should look forward to how our lives are going to be shaped by the developments in the world. Looking back at the strengths of a society dominated by spiritual values will in fact pave the way for us to decide what the path ahead should be, without succumbing excessively to technology and its materialistic benefits.

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