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Audio Recordings of Maha Periyava

     The bulk of audio recordings of discourses by Maha Periyava was made during 1957-59. The taping was done by R. Anantha Narayanan, with help from Kalki. These recordings waited for nearly 50 years to be released as DVDs in 2013. The video recording of the audio release has interesting anecdotes about the efforts involved in getting the old tapes processed when modern technology was not good enough to read the tapes and older generation tape recorders were sought. As technology evolves, technology also becomes obsolete. One wonders for how long one can preserve information today, given the tera and peta bytes of storage which abound but are susceptible to failure! What redundancy can one look for?

Video of the release of the DVDs

About the DVds

The list of tracks in each of the first 3 DVDs in the set is given below. It is not clear if the title of the track and Maha Periyava's speech are matched. Much effort is required to identify the actual content of each track.

DVD-1 Tracks
01. Pillaiyar-Avaiyar
02. Ambal Pada Charanam
03. Nam Karyam
04. Vazhkai Tharam
05. Kalvi
06. Veda Rakshanam
07. Panchopachara Poojai
08. Paropakaram
09. Vedathin Kalam
10. Bhagavad Geetha
11. Kovil pani
12. Enkaryam
13. Kerala Kshetrangal
14. Kovil Gopuram
15. Kovil Suddham
16. Ashrama niyadi
17. Aarudra Dharshanam
18. Dharmamigu Chennai
19. Ramayanam release
20. Sadas
21. Papa Nivarani (Sanskrit)

DVD-2 Tracks
01. Swarna vrushti
02. Deepavali Mahimai
03. Ishwara Karunyam
04. Manikka Vachakar
05. Ulle Veliye sambandam
06. Thodaka Ashtakam
07. Veda Rakshanam
08. Hindu Madha Perumai
09. Vedam
10. Madham
11. Pattratran
12. Advaidam
13. Veda Rakshanam
14. Chidha Suddhi
15. Adi Sankarar
16. Panchanga sadas
17. Bhashya roopa Gangai
18. Telugu Speech
19. Kanakabhisekam-Sanskrit
20. Janma Palam-Sanskrit

DVD-3 Tracks
01. Shiva Stuti
02. Devi Stuti
03. Veda Rakshanam
04. Arya Satakam-Mooka kavi
05. Vazhipadum Stotrangalum
06. Kshetra puranam
07. Adhara Kalvi
08. Sastra adipadaiyil Aatchi
09. Sankara Jayanthi
10. Sankara jayanthi Kanchi Mutt
11. Ahimsa
12. Bhagavad Geetha
13. Madha valarchi
14. Bakthi
15. Sarda Sattam
16. Samskarangal
17. Bhagavad Geetha
18. Soundarya lahiri
19. Guru Pungava (Sanskrit)
20. Farewell Speech

The audio files included in the DVDs are of varying audio quality, considering the fact that in 1957 one could not have envisaged a professional recording setup in a public place where Maha Periyava was giving his speeches. Yet, there is a glimmer of hope that sophisticated audio processing methods available today may be used to enhance the quality of the audio. This would certailnly requires hours of work but the results would be most useful to the current generation.

Devotees of Maha Periyava who desire to undertake this job, individually or collectively may kindly indicate their willingness to the administrator of this site (contact.php).

Deivathin Kural and the recordings

Ra. Ganapathy had taken notes of Maha Periyava's speeches and several sections in the volumes of Deivathin Kural reflect the contents of the recordings. An effort is being made to link the essays with the recordings but this has proved to be a difficult task requiring one to fully listen to the audio files and identify the sections in Deivathin Kural which relate to the recording.

Volunteers of Vidya Vriksha are helping us with this and this page will feature the linking when the task is completed. In the mean time, The titles of sevaral videos on youtube bear a strong relationship to the tiltles in the volumes of Deivathin Kural (specifically Vol-1). The search facility at this site may help identify the specific title if one hears the audio for key phrases and attempts a search.

Given below are some references to the recording and the sections in Deivathin Kural which relate to the recording. This list will get updated from time to time.This list is yet to be added

Audio filesof Periyava's discourses

Periyava Kural clips broadcast by Shankara TV (2012-13)

These were once available on youtube but it appears that youtube removed the audio citing copyright violations. Shankara TV broadcast these again in 2018 and may do so in future.

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