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Online references relating to Deivathin Kural

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During the 25 years spanning the publication of the seven volumes, devotees of Maha Periyava and many others interested in Sanathana Dharma, kept hard copies of Deivathin Kural. There were also regular features in magazines (typically monthly publications) where excerpts from the volumes would be printed. The articles appearing in the publications were selected with care and would fit into the context of what the publication featured in its pages.

Ever since the explosion of information sharing on the Internet through social networking, devotees have resorted to using blogs to share their knowledge of Maha Periyava and/or their personal experiences in meeting their "Nadamadum Deivam". Today there are thousands of references to such writings and the writings keep increasing in number. Under the circumstances, providing a reference, say a rare photo of Maha Periyava or personal experiences of a devotee is a difficult task and may require a search (Googling!).

Yet, there are some primary references which are considered important for any one desiring to know about Maha Periyava. Given below are four categories of references which provide the details of interest.


The following pages provide excellent lists of books on Maha Periyava. They are printed versions and may have to be procured from book sellers.

The above list (Tamil Books) includes some of the most sought after books on Maha Periyava, written by noted authors. Ra. Ganapathy's books (other than Deivathi Kural) relating to Maha Periyava are also included in the list.

Blogs and other web pages

Here are some links to the most popular pages featuring the experiences of devotees or anecdotes in Maha Periyava's life.

The pages from the souvenir prepared at the Kanchi math

Page at Tamil Brahmins site featuring the thread of discussions on Guru Upakhyanam-Experiences with Maha Periyava

Audio files of Maha Periyava's speeches

A set of DVDs prepared by Sanskriti which include the recordings of the Maha Periyava's discourses at Madras- 1957-59. Most audio files found on the web are based on these recordings. There are close to 120 files (mp3) running into more than 45 hours of audio. The DVDs may be procured from

Video files featuring Maha Periyava as well as Videos by many many devotees talking about their personal experiences.

A comprehensive list of videos relating to Maha Periyava is provided at these sites.

Youtube-multimedia files on Maha Periyava

Extensive sharing of information through Social Networking has led to hundreds of videos presented through youtube. The best way to reach important files is to attempt a search at youtube using one or more of the following phrases.

periyava kural
voice of god
maha periyava personal experiences of devotees
kanchi periyava arulurai

During 2017 Doordarshan had broadcast a series of 15-20 minute clips on Maha Periyava, spoken by Indira Soundarrajan. This series is available on youtube. Look for "Maha Periyava Mahimai".

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