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  The Acharya site is pleased to offer the following instructional material in the form of interactive tutorials. These tutorials relate to the language sand scripts of India as well as Braille, the medium effectively used by the visually handicapped.

  The tutorials have been designed with simplicity in mind and should run properly from most browsers on almost all the platforms. There are no specific requirements in respect of fonts or software to view the contents in different Indian languages.

1. Learn to recognize Devanagari script.

  This tutorial is meant to help a student recognize the vowels, consonants and simple syllables written in the Devanagari script.  The page displays a syllable chosen at random and the student is expected to identify it by typing in its reference (name) in English. This is an interactive tutorial.  Link for the tutorial

2. Learn standard English Braille

   This is a tutorial on Standard English Braille for those who are interested in learning the principle behind Braille. A comprehensive page explains the basis for the 6 dot system and presents the cell assignments.

   The interactive quiz associated with this tutorial displays a letter of the alphabet, punctuation or a short word and the student is expected to identify the dots associated with the Braille cell for the same. A specially designed form allows the student to create the cell and submit the form.

   There is a reverse quiz supported as well which displays a dot pattern (cell) and asks the student to identify the letter, punctuation or special word.

3. Learn Bharati Braille

 This tutorial is on the Braille standard adopted in India. The basis of Bharati Braille is explained as also the assignment of cells. The 63 cells constitute a script with the syllables of Indian languages are written.

  There is a corresponding interactive quiz associated with Bharati Braille. This quiz is specific to each language. Currently, Sanskrit (Hindi), Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam may be chosen as the language for the quiz. The reverse quiz where a cell is displayed and the student asked to identify the akshara is also included.

4. Akshara Animation- stroking order for writing the aksharas.

  This is an animated presentation of the stroking order for the aksharas in different scripts. This tutorial is presented as a Java Applet and will require  Support for java in the Browser.


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