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Summary of pages presented at this web site.

  Information presented at the acharya web site is broadly divided into the categories indicated below.

Multilingual Computing Concepts and issues

  The topics discussed here include text representation, syllabic writing systems, existing standards for text representation, implementation issues across platforms.

  Technical discussions on Encoding Standards (Unicode, ISCII and Font standards), language enabling, localization, Data Entry methods have been presented in a detailed manner. 

  Roman transliteration has been effectively used to represent texts in different Indian languages. This representation is very useful for understaning data entry. However, the variations seen in the transliteration schemes which have been in use will have to be understood in the context of the aksharas they represent. Variations across languages is inevitable and the pages devoted to these discussions provide insights into the methods which could be used for generating text in Indian languages.

 All the discussions are covered under "Software Design Issues".

Linguistics and Computation

  Linguistic aspects include discussions on the writing systems and the different scripts in use. The need to deal with syllabic writing systems is emphasized in these pages.

  Linguistic processing Software discussed as part of this includes programs for frequency analysis of aksharas, concordance generation and creation of linguistic corpora.

IITM Software

  IITM Software refers to a set of applications and tools for developing computer applications in Indian languages. The Acharya site provides detailed information on the concept of the syllable level coding scheme adopted for text representation. Examples of applications for use in many areas of computing e.g., manuscript preservation, web publishing, search engines, Fonts, speech synthesis etc., have been included.

  Discussions on these topics are covered under "IITM Software" in the section relating to" About Acharya".


  The pages relating to Downloads provide details on the applications and utilities which may be downloaded and used. For each application, details of download procedures, installation and help in usage are provided. Where required, the platform related information is given along with instructions for compilation of the sources. 

  Information on Downloads is available under the "Downloads" link.

Applications for the disabled

  The speech enhanced applications developed as part of the IITM project have been put to good use to train disabled persons in the use of computers. Besides the popular speech enhanced multilingual editor, the software inlcudes a speech enhanced web browser (Lynx) and a screen reader (Jaws for Dos adapted to work under Microsoft Windows and Linux). Braille transcription from text to Bharati Braille is another useful utility that can be used to prepare Braille Documents. The web site also serves on-line e-texts for the benefit of the Visually Handicapped students in schools and colleges.

  "Enabling the Disabled" is the section covering these pages.

Online references and resources

  One of the important presentations at this web site relates to reference material as well as on-line resources which may be used by viewers to accomplish specific tasks. For example, users may create a PDF document which they could deploy at other web sites to disseminate multilingual information. The on-line services at this site include several applications catering to text preparation, linguistic processing, Unicode test page generation, to name a few. The pages are broadly divided into four areas.

Learning resources (Sanskrit and Braille)
Computer Science Tutorials
On-line services for the Visually handicapped
  Online resources also include several demo applications highlighting the aspects of the approach to Software design using syllable level codes.

  All these are discussed under "On-line Resources".


Links to selected topics

For those looking for specific information relating to a concept or technical issue, these links will be of help. The links relate to often visited pages as well.

  Learn Sanskrit

  ISCII and Unicode

  Transliteration Principles

  Languages/Scripts of India


  Learn to write the aksharas

  Bharati Braille

  Text to Speech

  Multilingual Editor

  Project at Source Forge

  Braille Tutorial

  Web Applications

  On-line dictionary

  Bhagavadgita online

  Tirukkural online

  Linguistic corpora

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