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Conversion Utilities: LLF to PDF

The llf2pdf utility is useful for generating a pdf file from the llf file created using the multilingual editor. The converted file may be viewed under the Adobe Acrobat reader or an equivalent viewer such as "xpdf" under Linux.

The utility is based on the freely distributed c-pdf library, consisting of functions to create appropriate representations conforming to the PDF specifications.  The program is written in C and will compile properly on a system with an ANSI C compiler.

The pdf document will have all the required fonts embedded in the document itself thus obviating the need for the fonts to be presented in the system where the text is to be viewed. While this approach does increase the size of the document, one has the advantage that absolute uniformity in rendering text is guaranteed if a viewer conforming to pdf specifications is used to view the text. The fonts are also rendered with anti-aliasing and the text is very clear and sharp. Also, multilingual text in Indian languages can be viewed in the same document along with English (Roman).

The utility embeds the IITM designed fonts and used the corresponding font tables to generate the text in the pdf document. The fonts are required to be in the PostScript format. One may substitute one's own PostScript font for a script and the utility will embed the same. however, the font table data for any new fonts will have to be supplied by the user. The names of fonts and the .tab files are specified in a configuration file which the utility reads before generating the document.

Special provision is also made to embed hypertext links in the document so that one may create simple e-books in Indian languages. Information relating to this is provided in a separate page on creating e-books with the IITM software.

The llf2pdf utility is command line based and can be used to create a pdf document on the fly and served through a cgi script. 

Though written for use under Linux, the program can run under Microsoft Windows when compiled under cygwin.

The llfr2pdf utility should be used to create appropriate pdf files for text in Arabic, Urdu or Hebrew. Right to left alignment is properly retained in the text and the required font embedded as well.

Download llf2pdf

Linux Binary  llf2pdf_lin.tar.gz

Windows Binary

Source code

Linux      llf2pdf_src.tar.gz

Use cygwin to compile the above under Windows.

Please get in touch with the lab for the right to left version of the utility.

llf2pdf demo

The usefulness of the llf2pdf utility may be seen through the demo presented at this site.

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