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Multilingual Editor download page
 Welcome to the download page for the Multilingual Editor developed at the Systems Development Laboratory of IIT Madras, India. 

  This program is distributed free. We do not wish to put any restrictions  whatsoever on your part in using the same. In developing this Editor, IIT Madras had in mind the interests of the larger sections of the country where education and literacy need be tackled well for the benefit of the underprivileged and the disabled. If you subscribe to this view, please use the Editor to prepare material which could help educate more people. If you do not agree with this view, we suggest that you do not download the program. 

  If you are able to use the program meaningfully, please do share it with others. 

  The distribution covers only the basic version which contains all the language support files. The remaining versions  can be installed by using different executables for the Editor by just downloading the executable along with the relevant .ini file. Please read the instructions in the install.txt file contained within the archive for additional information.

  For the sake of statistics, we request you to fill in two items of information. Kindly tell us something about yourself and how you propose to use the Editor. Please fill in the details asked for and submit the form. 

Your Name 
Intended use
of the Editor 
E-mail Address

(May 2006)

What is distributed here is a full version of the Multilingual Editor version-3. This editor  has been tested on many systems and known to work satisfactorily.  IIT Madras hopes that it will also work on your system!

There are five versions of the Editor. (More appropriately, variations!)

1. The basic version supporting the IITM phonetic keyboard as well as the ITRANS mode of data entry. (iitmfced)

2. The version which supports  Roman transliteration based input using only the lower case letters. (iitmlced)

3. The version which supports the Tamilnet99 keyboard mapping for Tamil.

4. The version which supports Typewriter based data entry. (iitmtwr)

5. The right to left version supporting data entry for Urdu. (iitmr2led)

  The last two versions have not been distributed but provided against specific requests only.

 The first and the fifth versions also have enhancements to provide speech output. These versions are distributed only  by voluntary organizations for the benefit of the visually handicapped and are not available for download. Please contact the lab for details.

 Links for downloading will be seen when you submit the form.

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