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Multilingual Editor: Download Page
1. The base version of the Multilingual Editor

   This version supports two different data entry methods. 

  • The standardized IITM phonetic keyboard mapping.
  • ITRANS  based input.
    The standardized IITM Keyboard works uniformly across all the scripts.  The ITRANS based input allows users to keyin data using the ITRANS Roman transliteration scheme. This scheme is not guaranteed to work well across all the languages due to ambiguities in transliteration. It is a popular scheme however and is hence supported in the IITM editor. 

  Version-3 distribution provides support for the following scripts.

  Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu and Roman Diacritics.

  Support is also included for  Brahmi, Grantha, Sinhala, Braille, Tibetan and a few South Asian scripts. The distribution does not include the required files. Interested persons will have to make specific requests if they wish to get these as well.  

IIT Madras is distributing the Editor with the hope that people will use it for non-commercial purposes only. Please see what you can do to help persons in rural areas, especially school children, learn to use this program. Also, see if you can work with voluntary organizations in promoting the use of the software.


This is the version for use with Microsoft Windows systems.

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Date of last update: April 14, 2006

Latest Updates

Readme supplied with the package
 (Instructions for installing the Editor package and fonts)


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