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Learn Sanskrit: Reading the lessons off-line
  Viewers interested in keeping a copy of the lessons for off-line reference may download the lessons on to their systems. Off-line reading will require additional software to view the text in Devanagari. Also, the off-line versions of the lessons will not allow interactive learning. This is not a serious limitation however.

  For our friends who have difficulty accessing the internet, the lessons may be obtained via email. Please see below.

Samskritapriyah offer the lessons in the following formats

 1. HTML format

     This format is very convenient for off-line viewing using a standard web browser such as Netscape 4.5 or Internet Explorer 4.X or higher. Viewing the lessons in HTML requires that appropriate fonts for Devanagari and Roman diacritics be installed in the systems. The fonts have been made available at this site IITM Fonts and so this should not pose a problem. Please download the iitmsans and iitmipa fonts suited to your system (Windows, Linux or Mac). However, installing fonts on systems may not always be a smooth affair and so viewers are requested to familiarize themselves with the fonts installation process appropriate to their systems. Each lesson is available as one file with all the subsections put together.

  Viewers may also be interested in preparing text in Devanagari. The multilingual editor is ideally suited for this purpose. A copy of the editor is available for free download from this site. When you install the editor, the relevant fonts will be available for offline reading of the lessons.

2. LLF format

    This format is the native file format used by all the applications developed as part of the IITM Software project. The Multilingual editor or viewer may be used to view the lessons on Windows machines .

As of now, Linux and MacIntosh users will have use the html or the pdf formats.

The Multilingual editor software will have to be installed on Windows Systems. Please read through the pages on downloading and installing the IITM Editor. In this format, each lesson is presented as a single zip file containing the llf files for that lesson. Please download the zip file and unzip the same to get the .llf files in each lesson.

3.  PDF format

   This format is sufficiently universal and the Acrobat Reader on a system will be adequate to view the lessons off-line.  There are a few shortcomings with this format of the lessons with respect to the presentation. The lessons are presented in one single file for each lesson and so the convenience of the presentation as in these pages will be lost. However, this format offers the flexibility to view the lessons on almost all computers including the Macintosh. There is not need to install any fonts for Devanagari. The document embeds the font and so the lessons can be viewed easily.

Receiving Lessons via email

  Samskritapriyah will be pleased to provide these lessons via email in any of the three formats. Kindly send in a request to us at the address given in contact Acharya page, expressing your desire to receive the lessons by email. The lessons will be sent as attachments and will require the multilingual editor for viewing the text in the .llf format. Please note that different browsers may render html text differently. Internet Explorer 5 does not render the upper Ascii glyphs but Netscape versions will handle the same correctly.

The above information relating to viewing LLF files is quite obsolete now in 2020! The IITM editor is known to work with Windows7/8/10 systems.

  When you send in a request, please indicate the format in which you would like to receive the lessons. Samskritapriyah request that only those who do not have direct access to the internet ask for the lessons via email.

 IITM Multilingual Editor
(Useful for viewing the lessons off-line as well as prepare documents in Sanskrit and all the official Indian Languages)

Each lesson is packaged individually in three different formats. Choose the one convenient to you. The html and llf files are zipped archives.

Devan   HTML   LLF   PDF

Les. 1    HTML   LLF  PDF

Les. 2    HTML   LLF  PDF

Les. 3    HTML   LLF  PDF

Les. 4    HTML   LLF  PDF

Les. 5    HTML   LLF  PDF

Les. 6    HTML  LLF   PDF

Les. 7    HTML  LLF   PDF

Les. 8    HTML  LLF   PDF

Les. 9    HTML   LLF   PDF

Les. 10  HTML   LLF    PDF

Les. 11  HTML   LLF    PDF

Les. 12  HTML   LLF    PDF

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