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Introduction to Lesson-7

The six lessons which you have gone through should make you feel reasonably comfortable with the formation of simple sentences. By now you may be in a position to read and understand sentences which may include words not yet known to you, by looking up the meaning of the word. All along, the lessons have presented sentences in the present tense (mostly). For the first time, we formally introduce past tense in this lesson.

The lesson deals with an abstract concept, that of creation of the universe. In India, the scriptures are quite clear about the process of creation though today, the scientific mind may not accept the theory. The point is not whether the theory makes sense or not but how the language is used to express abstract ideas. The language that we have used here is quite simple and this should make it easy for you to follow the lesson.

The lesson is also cast as a story told by a grandfather to his grandchildren. Hence expressions heard during conversation between elders and children also find a place in the lesson.

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Usha and Mohan



The five elements

Good Night

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Principles of sandhi

Past tense






Summary of Lesson-7

  Message of the Gita

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