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Introduction to Lesson-6

This lesson is aimed at giving you a bit of rest! We have a simple lesson for you to read and understand a conversation and also read a story. There is a moral to the story which you will read for yourself.

You may want to hear the conversation first and then look at the text to see if you have heard the text right. The Audio file is in the RealAudio format. You will have to enable your browser to play the RealAudio files.

For those who may expereince difficulties in playing Real Audio files, an alternate format (mp3) is also provided.

Conversation Real Audio file   MP3 format

The Audio file is about 180 Kilobytes in Size. It might take about a minute to download.

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A conversation

A familiar story

More conversations

Morals through verses

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

  Message of the Gita

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