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Lesson3: Conversation in a family

Introduction to Lesson-3

This is the third lesson in our series. The first two would have helped you understand the aksharas of Sanskrit and also form some simple questions. The vocabulary introduced thus far has only been small but adequate to form very simple sentences using the verb "to be".

This lesson introduces a simple conversation that takes place in a family during the day. The idea is to bring in words and expressions used in daily life. There are more exercises this time and the sections relating to the grammar have useful information.

There are many new words in this lesson. It will be necessary for the student to look at the glossary given as part of this lesson to get the meanings of those words where the meaning is not given in the translations.

When you have finished reading the lesson, you may want to hear the conversation. The audio file is in mp3 format and so most machines will be able to play the same. Should you prefer the real media format, an appropriate version is provided.

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Early Morning

Later in the Morning

In the Afternoon

Later in the Evening

Basic Grammar

Imperative mood

Formation of sentences

Frame questions


Exercises 2-3

Exercises 4-5

Exercises 6-7

Exercises 8-9




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