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Lesson2: Simple expressions: Gender, Person and Number


In this second lesson we introduce the student to expressions which take into account person and number i.e., expressions involving one or more persons or things. In English we refer to this as expressions in singular or plural relating to first, second or third person.

Sanskrit is unique in that, it includes a special disctinction for referring to two persons or things. One might perhaps wonder why such a distinction is made at all. It happens that certain things always occur in pairs in nature. This specific form called the 'dual' in respect of number, allows one to understand easily the objects being referred to. While organs such as the eyes, ears etc, are seen in pairs, there are many other situations in nature where one comes across pairs like two oxen ploughing a field, two wheels of a cart etc.

As to whether such a distinctionis really necessary is a question that may not admit of a simple answer. There must have been some motivating reason for this!

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Person and Number

Expressions with personal pronouns

Use of (to be) in two ways

Number and Gender





Sanskrit Numerals


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