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Lesson12: On a journey-Part 2

Introduction to Lesson-12

  Lesson 12 is the last lesson in our series. Reaching this point would have been a strenuous one for many of you. But just as the family undertaking the Pilgrimage, you too will reap the benefit of the journey through the lessons.

  It is time for you to ask yourself "What have I learnt"? At Samskritapriyah, we would feel happy to receive a note or a message from you about the usefulness of the lessons. Though we realize that many thousands have looked at the lessons, responses from the discerning students would justify our efforts to providing the lessons on-line.

  If we have made many friends in the process, it is our good fortune. The success of the lessons is a great tribute to the combination of tradition and technology. But at the bottom of it all, is the spirit of sharing.

There are two journeys you will complete now! isn't that satisfying?

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Haridwar Station

At the banks of the Ganges

Feeling cold but moving on


Tiring journey

At last! (In lighter vein)




End of another Journey

  Message of the Gita

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