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Lesson11: On a journey-Part 1

Introduction to Lesson-11

The ten lessons you have studied would have helped you become sufficiently familiar with the basic aspects of the language. By now you should be in a position to read out a sentence and understand the same given the meaning of the new words.

The last formal lesson in our series is a very big lesson and for this reason will be given as two lessons. The first part is in lesson 11.

The lesson deals with a journey through India by train undertaken by a family, who are on a Pilgrimage to Badrinath and Kedaranath, two sacred temples situated in the Himalayas. While there is much food for the student by way or normal conversation, the lesson also introduces the student to the puranic lore of the country. The natural beauty of the Himalayas certainly comes out in the conversations.

We do hope you will appreciate the lessons.

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Planning the trip

Pilgrimage to Badrinath

Day of the Journey

At the railway station

On the train


Story time (in the afternoon)

Delhi station

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