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Lesson:1 Simple expressions


The previous lesson dealt with the Devanagari Script. By now the student should be familiar with the aksharas of Sanskrit and be able to read words and sentences by successively pronouncing the aksharas in a word.

This lesson will introduce you to simple expressions. The idea is to become familiar with expressions that involve greeting a person, asking a question and such. Terms from English Grammar are used to help the student understand the nature of the expressions. In this lessons, transliterations in IPA will be included to help you read the text.

A phonetic language has its advantages. Once you know the aksharas you can read any sentence. The pronunciation is fixed by the aksharas! This is what we meant by "Eternal aspect of the sound of the aksharas" in our write up on why one should study Sanskrit.

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Simple expressions in the first person

Simple expressions involving a question

Demonstrative pronouns

Some Common expressions

Glossary of words


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