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Part-12: Conjuncts (Samyuktakshar)

Samyuktakshar or a conjunct character represents a syllable made up of two or more consonants from the basic set. In forming syllables, the Samyuktakshar will combine with one of the vowels.

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In principle, arbitrary syllables may be formed by randomly combining consonants and writing the conjunct using half forms for all the consonants in the syllable except for the final. The final consonant of the syllable is writen in full form. 

With a basic set of 33 consonants, the number of conjuncts which we can theoretically form is quite large. Typically, 33x33+33x33x33+3x33x33x33+....... conjuncts may be possible. However, arbitrary combinations cannot be always pronounced. In practice, one observes approximately a thousand conjuncts most of which have two or three consonants in them. There are some with four and at least one well known conjunct with five consonants.

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