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Learn Sanskrit: A short quiz on identifying the Aksharas

   Welcome to the Akshara Quiz. This is a basic exercise in identifying the vowels, consonants and simple CV combinations in the Devanagari Script. An Akshara will be displayed below. you will have to identify the same by typing in its representation in Roman. The chart at right may be used as a reference for selecting the Roman letter. The displayed akshara has been selected at random. It is likely that repetitions occur.

   Please refer to the chart at right to get the Roman letter that should be typed into the text box. This simple method obviates the need for sophisticated data entry methods for Indian languages on a web interface. The chart displays information in terms of the groups the aksharas are classified. This should help as well.


  In this quiz, you may also wish to test your skills at recognizing Consonants or Consonant Vowel combinations. The default setting is Vowels. Make the approriate selection in the pull down menu below. The choice will apply for subsequent pages. Do submit your answer for the vowel.



a A i I u U !
E W O w @ # q


k K g G H

c C j J M

z Z f F N

t T d D n

p P b B m

Semi Vowels
y r l v

S x s h

The table given above will help you get the correct transliterated Roman string for the Aksharas. Please note that this scheme is specific to this quiz. There are several schemes (e.g., ITRANS) that are popular on the web which could have been used. The advantage here is that by and large only one letter is used and it also happens that the IITM software uses this mapping for data entry.

You should be familiar with the Devanagari script to take this quiz. The Devanagari script is discussed at length in the introductory lesson.

Acharya Logo
The Acharya logo on this page depicts the mountain, held in reverence by the people of India as the abode of Lord Shiva. Mount Kailash, together with lake Manasarovar is considered a place for pilgrimage. Today, both these are in Tibet and The Government of India arranges special programs for Indian citizens to travel to Kailash with the help of the Chinese Government. Lord Shiva's dance is supposed to be accompanied by the sounds from a small drum held by him. These sounds constitute the basic sounds of the Sanskrit Language. The aksharas of Sanskrit, are referred to as "Maheswara Sutrani" or the rules from the Lord.

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Have you learnt to write the aksharas? The animated illustration of the strokes to be executed in writing an akshara is available in a separate page. Be sure to visit the page as well if you have not done so.

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