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Search Engines for Indian Language text archives. 
Bhagavadgita: On Line search


  This demo relates to search engines for text strings in Indian languages. Viewers can enter a search string in Sanskrit and locate the same in the text of Bhagavadgita. The data entry applet allows text in Devanagari to be entered using either the keyboard or the mouse. 

  Results of the search are returned in html format and you will require the Devanagari font recommended by IIT Madras to view the same. Results may be seen even if the fonts are not installed in your system, for an alternate view is provided through dynamically generated images.

  The search string is prepared by typing in the consonant vowel combination in the required sequence. The mouse may be used to  generate the string by clicking on the letters in the proper sequence.  As an example type in the sequence  y O g E and click on the submit button.


This demo is an example of a search engine for Indian language text. The text data base used is the Bhagavadgita, with meanings and translation.

Data Entry in the Applet

The query string is entered as syllables of the form
V, C, CV or CCV and CCCV. The vowels and consonants are easily identified. Clicking on an akshara inputs the akshara. Use the + button to form Samyuktaksharas. 

Note on the search options. 

 The IITMadras software is built around the concept of Syllable level  representation of Text in Indian languages. Hence it would be possible to effect a search by masking out the vowels in each syllable. This feature will be useful when the exact spelling may not be known. The search would produce many more text strings each having the same consonant sequence but with different vowel combinations. 

 The Bhagavadgita data setup at this site includes the translation into English . Hence the search could be made for a string in English as well. Just select the language option properly. Obviously there can be no masking with English!

Data entry is restricted to syllables. Numerals and punctuations will not be accepted.

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