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  We would like to share with our viewers information about India's culture and heritage in unique ways. The images which constitute the different logos in these pages convey the natural beauty of the land and represent symbolically some concepts that people here had always understood as "wisdom of the seers". One of these is the concept that the universe that we  know, can be explained on the basis of five elements. From the point of view of Information Technology, it is interesting to know that all information could potentially be classified under five heads, if it is indeed true that the five elements do encompass everything we know about the world.

  The five elements are, Ether, Light, Water, Earth and Air. The Acharya site has not really tried to classify its contents under these but the elements have been chosen and appropriate images created just so one appreciate the idea of this novel but yet to be tested idea of classification.

  The images in the different logos have been taken from those available in the internet and have been presented with the consent of the original authors. The description of the logo along with the information about the sources of the image(s) is provided at the bottom of each page.

  When similar information is presented about different scripts of India, one would find that the logos relate to the World Heritage Sites situated in India.

  Some pages will just have a logo that may simply show India for you, from the Himalayas in the North to Kanyakumari in the South and Assam or Meghalaya in the east to Gujarat in the west.

  India is a country with the highest Dynamic Range in anything you see in Life. Such diversity, in language, customs and climate pales into insignificance when one looks at the unifying aspects of India's heritage.

Additional Information
The column following the logo description has been programmed to display some useful information. The contents may vary each time a page is loaded since the information displayed is selected at random. Typically, the column may show the Indian calendar information corresponding to the day, details of a Raga (classical South Indian music), a proverb and such.

Acharya Logo
The logo on this page reflects hope in the smiles of the children. The emphasis on the girl child and education for her cannot be overlooked.

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