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Linguistics and Computation
   Languages have served the purpose of communication within a society and thereby the dissemination of information. Spoken as well as written languages have held the attention of scholars all over the world because evolution of languages is an interesting area of research. Today, we are still looking for clues to  tell us about the origin of many of our languages. 

  The interest in studying languages with respect to their grammatical structure as well  as the roots from which words of the language have been derived, has never waned and is  still sustained by many scholars in India as well as the world. Such study brings in Mathematics  for the purpose of analyzing the structure of sentences and here the computer has proved  to be a valuable tool for linguistic scholars. 

   Our concern here is linguistics in the context of Indian languages. Our languages are phonetic in nature and the representations of the sounds form the symbols of our scripts.  The concept of sound is very important in Indian Languages, specifically Sanskrit. 

   The links given below will take you to many different topics of interest, from poetry,  prose, grammar and such to Palindromes, morphology, text analysis and some humour. All these topics are in respect of languages of India.

1. Topics of General Interest.

  • Language groups. 
  • Scripts over the ages.
  • Earliest known works in different languages. 
  • Grammar of Indian languages.
  • Evolution of different writing systems. 
  • Poetry and the Metre
2. Relationships between Indian languages.
Linguistic interpretation in respect of derived languages.

3. Interesting word structures,   Palindromes.

4. Interpreting ancient texts.

5. Text processing in Indian languages using the computer.

6. Linguistic Corpora.


This section will evolve over a period of time and links will be established to appropriate pages. Topics without links are under preparation. 

Scripts in use in India


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