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Welcome to our web site. The Acharya site has remained popular, as a site disseminating information relating to Multilingual computing in the context of  computing with Indian Languages. Much of the  contents seen at the site  related to work done by the students of IIT Madras. The contributions from the students led to, perhaps  the very first web presentation of Learning Sanskrit through self study, way back in 1997.

In twenty years, technological advancements had surpassed the interactive nature of those first lessons. Yet, these lessons have remained a recommended online source for their simplicity  and more, for the uniform display of Sanskrit text across browsers running varying hardware and OS implementations.

Regrettably, a recent (Aug. 2020) requirement forced us to migrate the server to new hardware, and install several dynamic pages afresh, on account of incompatibility issues with the IITM developed software. At this point we had to decide that dated information at the site could be dispensed with and take a fresh approach to  presenting the lessons. The structure of the web pages has retained the old form.

We have now restricted the pages to meeting the basic requirement of Sanskrit Lessons through self study along with some some information relating to multilingual computing in Indian languages. This restriction implies that book marks from the earlier pages may not always work and old pages may show up with errors. We earnestly hope that viewers will accept this decision.

The site owes its gratitude to the message of world harmony promoted by Kanchi Shankaracharya, Sri. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, where the benefits of Technology blend with the requirements of universal welfare for humanity as prescribed by the Upanishads, and other ancient scriptures of India.

Maitreem Bhajata

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