Font Encodings: A comparison
Listing of characters by their numerical code values
In the chart below the names assigned to the different characters are shown. The chart is arranged in Numerical Order. You may see the character names assigned to each code in four different encodings.
Macintosh  ISO-LATIN-1 WinAnsi   Adobe-Std. 
0 NUL grave
1 Eth   acute  
2 eth   circumflex  
3 Lslash   tilde  
4 lslash   macron  
5 Scaron   breve  
6 scaron   dotaccent  
7 Yacute   dieresis  
8 yacute   ring  
9 HT   cedilla  
10 LF   hungarumlaut  
11 Thorn   ogonek  
12 thorn   caron  
13 CR   dotlessi  
14 Zcaron      
15 zcaron      
16 DLE      
17 DC1      
18 DC2      
19 DC3      
20 DC4      
21 onehalf      
22 onequarter      
23 onesuperior      
24 threequarters      
25 threesuperior      
26 twosuperior      
27 brokenbar      
28 minus      
29 multiply      
30 RS      
31 US      
32 space space space space
33 exclam exclam exclam exclam
34 quotedbl quotedbl quotedbl quotedbl
35 numbersign numbersign numbersign numbersign
36 dollar dollar dollar dollar
37 percent percent percent percent
38 ampersand ampersand ampersand ampersand
39 quotesingle quoteright quoteright quoteright
40 parenleft parenleft parenleft parenleft
41 parenright parenright parenright parenright
42 asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk
43 plus plus plus plus
44 comma comma comma comma
45 hyphen minus hyphen hyphen
46 period period period period
47 slash slash slash slash
48 zero zero zero zero
49 one one one one
50 two two two two
51 three three three three
52 four four four four
53 five five five five
54 six six six six
55 seven seven seven seven
56 eight eight eight eight
57 nine nine nine nine
58 colon colon colon colon
59 semicolon semicolon semicolon semicolon
60 less less less less
61 equal equal equal equal
62 greater greater greater greater
63 question question question question
64 at at at at
65 A A A A
66 B B B B
67 C C C C
68 D D D D
69 E E E E
70 F F F F
71 G G G G
72 H H H H
73 I I I I
74 J J J J
75 K K K K
76 L L L L
77 M M M M
78 N N N N
79 O O O O
80 P P P P
81 Q Q Q Q
82 R R R R
83 S S S S
84 T T T T
85 U U U U
86 V V V V
87 W W W W
88 X X X X
89 Y Y Y Y
90 Z Z Z Z
91 bracketleft bracketleft bracketleft bracketleft
92 backslash backslash backslash backslash
93 bracketright bracketright bracketright bracketright
94 asciicircum asciicircum asciicircum asciicircum
95 underscore underscore underscore underscore
96 grave quoteleft quoteleft quoteleft
97 a a a a
98 b b b b
99 c c c c
100 d d d d
101 e e e e
102 f f f f
103 g g g g
104 h h h h
105 i i i i
106 j j j j
107 k k k k
108 l l l l
109 m m m m
110 n n n n
111 o o o o
112 p p p p
113 q q q q
114 r r r r
115 s s s s
116 t t t t
117 u u u u
118 v v v v
119 w w w w
120 x x x x
121 y y y y
122 z z z z
123 braceleft braceleft braceleft braceleft
124 bar bar bar bar
125 braceright braceright braceright braceright
126 asciitilde asciitilde asciitilde asciitilde
127 DEL      
128 Adieresis      
129 Aring      
130 Ccedilla   quotesinglbase  
131 Eacute   florin  
132 Ntilde   quotedblbase  
133 Odieresis   ellipsis  
134 Udieresis   dagger  
135 aacute   daggerdbl  
136 agrave      
137 acircumflex   perthousand  
138 adieresis   Scaron  
139 atilde   guilsinglleft  
140 aring   OE  
141 ccedilla      
142 eacute      
143 egrave      
144 ecircumflex dotlessi    
145 edieresis grave quoteleft  
146 iacute acute quoteright  
147 igrave circumflex quotedblleft  
148 icircumflex tilde quotedblright  
149 idieresis macron bullet  
150 ntilde breve endash  
151 oacute dotaccent emdash  
152 ograve dieresis    
153 ocircumflex   trademark  
154 odieresis ring scaron  
155 otilde cedilla guilsinglright  
156 uacute   oe  
157 ugrave hungarumlaut    
158 ucircumflex ogonek    
159 udieresis caron Ydieresis  
160 dagger space space  
161 degree exclamdown exclamdown exclamdown
162 cent cent cent cent
163 sterling sterling sterling sterling
164 section currency currency fraction
165 bullet yen yen yen
166 paragraph brokenbar brokenbar florin
167 germandbls section section section
168 registered dieresis dieresis currency
169 copyright copyright copyright quotesingle
170 trademark ordfeminine ordfeminine quotedblleft
171 acute guillemotleft guillemotleft guillemotleft
172 dieresis logicalnot logicalnot guilsinglleft
173 notequal hyphen hyphen guilsinglright
174 AE registered registered fi
175 Oslash macron macron fl
176 infinity degree degree  
177 plusminus plusminus plusminus endash
178 lessequal twosuperior twosuperior dagger
179 greaterequal threesuperior threesuperior daggerdbl
180 yen acute acute periodcentered
181 mu mu mu  
182 partialdiff paragraph paragraph paragraph
183 summation periodcentered periodcentered bullet
184 product cedilla cedilla quotesinglbase
185 pi onesuperior onesuperior quotedblbase
186 integral ordmasculine ordmasculine quotedblright
187 ordfeminine guillemotright guillemotright guillemotright
188 ordmasculine onequarter onequarter ellipsis
189 Omega onehalf onehalf perthousand
190 ae threequarters threequarters  
191 oslash questiondown questiondown questiondown
192 questiondown Agrave Agrave  
193 exclamdown Aacute Aacute grave
194 logicalnot Acircumflex Acircumflex acute
195 radical Atilde Atilde circumflex
196 florin Adieresis Adieresis tilde
197 approxequal Aring Aring macron
198 Delta AE AE breve
199 guillemotleft Ccedilla Ccedilla dotaccent
200 guillemotright Egrave Egrave dieresis
201 ellipsis Eacute Eacute  
202 nbspace Ecircumflex Ecircumflex ring
203 Agrave Edieresis Edieresis cedilla
204 Atilde Igrave Igrave  
205 Otilde Iacute Iacute hungarumlaut
206 OE Icircumflex Icircumflex ogonek
207 oe Idieresis Idieresis caron
208 endash Eth Eth emdash
209 emdash Ntilde Ntilde  
210 quotedblleft Ograve Ograve  
211 quotedblright Oacute Oacute  
212 quoteleft Ocircumflex Ocircumflex  
213 quoteright Otilde Otilde  
214 divide Odieresis Odieresis  
215 lozenge multiply multiply  
216 ydieresis Oslash Oslash  
217 Ydieresis Ugrave Ugrave  
218 fraction Uacute Uacute  
219 currency Ucircumflex Ucircumflex  
220 guilsinglleft Udieresis Udieresis  
221 guilsinglright Yacute Yacute  
222 fi Thorn Thorn  
223 fl germandbls germandbls  
224 daggerdbl agrave agrave  
225 periodcentered aacute aacute AE
226 quotesinglbase acircumflex acircumflex  
227 quotedblbase atilde atilde ordfeminine
228 perthousand adieresis adieresis  
229 Acircumflex aring aring  
230 Ecircumflex ae ae  
231 Aacute ccedilla ccedilla  
232 Edieresis egrave egrave Lslash
233 Egrave eacute eacute Oslash
234 Iacute ecircumflex ecircumflex OE
235 Icircumflex edieresis edieresis ordmasculine
236 Idieresis igrave igrave  
237 Igrave iacute iacute  
238 Oacute icircumflex icircumflex  
239 Ocircumflex idieresis idieresis  
240 apple eth eth  
241 Ograve ntilde ntilde ae
242 Uacute ograve ograve  
243 Ucircumflex oacute oacute  
244 Ugrave ocircumflex ocircumflex  
245 dotlessi otilde otilde dotlessi
246 circumflex odieresis odieresis  
247 tilde divide divide  
248 macron oslash oslash lslash
249 breve ugrave ugrave oslash
250 dotaccent uacute uacute oe
251 ring ucircumflex ucircumflex germandbls
252 cedilla udieresis udieresis  
253 hungarumlaut yacute yacute  
254 ogonek thorn thorn  
255 caron ydieresis ydieresis  


Table listing Glyphs in Alphabetical order


1. Codes 32-127 are fully compatible except for 96 where the Glyph is named differently on the Mac.

2. Codes 0-31 are encoding dependent and will be supported only under Windows9X and Macintosh. They represent control codes in ASCII and will not be rendered at all on ISO-LATIN-8859 based text.

3. The same observation applies to the range 128-159 though some characters of ISO-8859-1 set are defined in the range.

4. A font for Indian language scripts may be designed to locate the glyphs according to the ISO-8859-1 encoding. The same font may be used under Win95, Linux and Post Script with the Glyph arrangement untouched. We can use the same arrangement on a Mac if we declare the encoding to be Custom.

5. It is known that on a Mac, the browsers do not render as many as 13  glyphs of the ISO-8859-1 set. What this means is that an ISO-8859-1 encoded font with these glyphs removed will most likely be rendered properly on  all the basic platforms, though this would mean working with only about 175 Glyphs. It is possible to display an acceptable set of Aksharas across all the Indian scripts with this many Glyphs. For printing documents however, one requires a richer set of Glyphs.