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  LLF2SPCH : Utility to speak out a local language file.

  This application can be invoked from the command line to speak the contents of a file prepared using the IITM editor. Reading the lines can be effected with some control to help a visually handicapped person go through a file in a desired way.

  When invoked, the application gives out information about the number of lines in the file and offers a choice of two modes. The contents can be read continuously line after line or one line at a time. In the continuous mode, the user can abort reading and resume from the same line or go a specific line. In the line reading mode, a line can be read again and again if necessary.
  The application will read local language text as well as English. The two can be mixed in the document. This is accomplished by automatically identifying the text and switching the language for synthesis. The MBROLA speech engine permits dynamic selection of the speech data base and this feature is effectively utilized in the application.

  Controls are provided for the user to adjust the rate of speech.

  The llf2spch application can be run under Linux as well as Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. The application is invoked from the command line so as to help the visually handicapped input the command from the keyboard.

shell prompt>  llf2spch  <input file>

  The MBROLA speech engine is required to be installed in the system for the application to work. The English Data base (EN1) is used for synthesizing English and the Swedish Data base (SW1) for local language.

  The application will create a temporary text file containing the phonemes present in the synthesized output. This can be saved and subsequently used directly with MBROLA to generate examples of synthesized speech.

  The llf2spch application used adhoc prosody models for generating the speech. While this does not guarantee natural sounding speech, the result is quite satisfactory for the visually handicapped.

Downloading llf2spch

Windows Binaries

Linux Binaries

The Windows version  uses TeXtalk for English while Freephone is used under Linux and the cygwin version for Windows


Download the executable and extract the contents in the archive into a directory of your choice. The readme file in the distribution has additional information.

Make sure you have installed MBROLA on your system.

Source code

The source code for the application is available. If you would like to enhance the application, feel free to take the source and compile it with your modifications.

(A zipped archive)

(tar.gz archive)

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