E-Books for Visually Handicapped
  The services provided at the Acharya Site relate to text books and other references prescribed for students in India. The on-line books cover mostly the Humanities and Social Sciences streams. The titles in English are basically from the list of books made freely available through Project Gutenburg. The titles in local languages include only those for which we have obtained specific permission from the authors to make them available through this service.

  The references can be viewed with standard browsers if they run under screen readers such as JAWS. The content in local language may be heard if the IITM supplied speech enhanced Lynx web browser is used.

  The titles made available here have been organized in three different ways.

  • Arranged according to authors
  • Arranged according to titles
  • Arranged according to the program of study
  • Arranged according to subject categories.
   The links above may be used to get an idea of the variety of titles available at the site. The information required for dissemination is stored in a mysql database so as to permit searches. Use the form at right for this purpose.

  The list of titles is perhaps limited and the number of books made available will increase with time as more volunteers make available additional titles.

  Each title is presented with additional details such as Publisher information, a short biography of the author, and if available an overview of what the book contains. Much of this information has been added by volunteers of Vidya Vrikshah. 

  SDL is also interested in making the presentations through Braille so as to help those with refreshable Braille displays to read the books. We hope to accomplish the conversion on the fly but it may be a while before this approach gets established and runs without problems.

Additional information relating to e-texts is provided in a separate psge.