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Bharati Braille Reference Chart

Welcome to this page providing a simple reference for Bharati Braille. The charts are organized in the familiar patterns of lines of Braille where in each line, the cells share a common feature easy to remember. The line concept is applicable more to standard English braille but here the chart will help you identify the Indian language akshara associated with the cell. Read the simple algorithm at the right to see how it can be done.


Identifying a Braille code with an akshara

Here is a simple algorithm to do this. It allows you to check for the line the cell falls in. There are seven lines which together cover the 63 cells. The basic principles of cell assignments group the 63 cells into seven lines. These have been covered in the Tutorial on standard English Braille

Step 1
See if the cell falls into line7 first. Line7 is characterized by the absence of the left column of dots, i.e., dots 1,2 and 3.

Step 2
If not line7, check for line6. Line6 is characterized by the absence of dots 1 and 2. However you will also check if dot 4 is absent and dot5 present. If so the cell does not fall in line6.

Step 3
Once the cell is not in line7 or line6, you can figure out the line in which it falls easily.

The check for the other lines is easy to remember.

Line1. Dots 3,6 absent. these are the dots at the bottom.

Line2. Dot3 present but dot6 absent

Line3. Dots 3 and 6 are both present

Line4. Dot6 present but not dot3.

Line 5. Dots 1 and 4 both absent. These are the dots at the top.

Once the line is identified, refer to the chart at the left.


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