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Braille codes for Mathematics (Nemeth Braille)

The six dot Braille system has been effectively used for representing the symbols used in Mathematics. This would help a visually handicapped person learn mathematics using standard Braille. The assignment of codes for mathematical symbols was proposed in 1952 by Dr. Abraham Nemeth, himself blind from birth but rose to the position of a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Detroit in the US. 

Prof. Nemeth's system has gained wide acceptance in the world and the system of Braille Codes has been named "Nemeth Braille" in his honour. Interestingly, the Nemeth system employs Cells from lines 6 and 7 of our classification of the six dot system, as indicators of the type of information carried by the cells which follow. Prof. Nemeth had already used the principles of Escape Codes which computer scientists use as characters which interpret rather than display information.

Approximately 190 assignments are given below, classified into groups based on specific topics in mathematics.

Representing numerals and numbers
Signs of Operation (Symbols for Operators)
Comaprisons, ratios and proportions
Symbols used in Set Theory
Different types of Parentheses
Mathematical Symbols and constants
Shapes and relating to shapes
Greek Letters
Special signs unique to Braille

The assignment of codes is shown below with the symbol, its Nemeth representation and its description.

The information is presented through an image. Hence download may take some time.



The multilingual editor application may be used to generate documents in Nemeth Braille. Each symbol is typed in according to specified string of English letters and the software would automatically generate the required Braille codes.
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