Multilingual text in different formats

  The demo in this page shows Indian Language text in different output formats. One of the formats (.gif) is sure to work on any given browser. The other formats assume specific plugins or features in the browser. It may be noted that a single copy of the text is used in generating all the four formats dynamically. The text of "Maitreem Bhajata", the benediction referred to in our home page is used as the example.

1. Viewed as .gif image     
Can be seen on almost all browsers

2. Viewed as .png image    
May not render  under IE5.0 or earlier browsers

3. Viewed as html
Requires that the IITMSANS font be installed on your browser. If your browser supports Dynamic fonts and you have enabled the same, you may try the following link.

(SDL, IITM has made available a set of 10 fonts one each for the ten scripts used in India. You may download the fonts and use them as you desire. The multilingual editor will be useful for generating content in these scripts)

View as HTML with Dynamic fonts
Please note that Dynamic fonts may not be rendered properly on all systems.

 4. Viewed as PDF file 
Requires a reader for .pdf files such as Acrobat reader or xpdf. Most browsers support pdf through external applications but one can also have plug ins.


Special Note

Utilities for generating these different formats are available at this web site. These run under Linux but the llf2html application is also provided under Win9x. You may use these utilities offline to generate these formats statically and serve them from a web server. 

Text in different languages

Sample texts are provided to give the viewer an idea of the range of scripts (as well as the aksharas) handled by the software developed in the lab. The texts are served as images so as to permit viewing on almost any browser. 

Viewers may want to look at the Multilingual Editor which was used in generating these texts. The editor is available as a free download from this site.