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Generate Unicode Text Files
  This online demo will allow you to create a Unicode text file in one of nine Indian Languages and view the same on your browser. The input for this demo is the ITRANS equivalent of the text you wish to see.

  Prepare the text according to the transliteration scheme as shown below. This is almost the same as ITRANS with a few modifications. Submit the form after selecting the language. The text input window has some default text inside (Vande Mataram) and may be submitted as such if you wish. Otherwise you may clear the text and enter your own text. You may want to input specific text to check the rendering of conjuncts (Samyuktakshars). The IITM software handles many conjuncts properly but is limited to three consonant conjuncts.

A reference chart for the ITRANS like scheme is included in this page and can be seen below the text entry box. Though the original ITRANS scheme is language specific, text entry with the new scheme will be uniform across the scripts.


ITRANS transliteration Scheme (with slight modifications)

  It should be remembered that the ITRANS scheme is language specific and so the information entered may produce arbitrary results if the aksharas have not been provided for in the script selected. The aksharas of Southern languages, specifically zha, rra and na (soft) will be displayed correctly if the above scheme (slightly different from ITRANS) is used.

Please keep the lines of text confined to the window by pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line. The demo application works only with text prepared this way.

When you submit the form you will receive a page which contains an image of the text in the selected language and the corresponding Unicode text (UTF-8) below the image. The image is automatically generated by the IITM conversion utility so that the viewer may also verify the correctness of the text.

Variations in Unicode rendering

The linked page has examples of Unicode rendering of Devanagari and Tamil text by different applications under Windows and Linux (~2004).
 Unicode rendering problems continue even today (Aug.2007). More examples from Ubuntu, Windows Vista etc., are given in the linked page.


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