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Transliteration Example
Interactive Demo
  This online demo allows transliteration of Devanagari text into other scripts. The demo is a Java Applet and requires Java support in the browser.

  Data can be entered in the text box in Devanagari. A phonetic keyboard input is provided. The chart at right is a reference for the key mapping. One can input text in Devanagari which includes samyuktakshars with upto three consonants and a vowel. The submit button allows the text string to be processed and a transliterated string returned.

  The set of syllables (Samyuktakshars) handled by the software is limited but sufficiently comprehensive. However, it is possible that some samyuktakshars are not included and hence cannot be typed in.

  The script into which the given string is transliterated is decided by the first akshara of the string. If the first akshara does not match one of those given below, Roman with diacritics is chosen as the default script. You may type in the first akshara followed by a space and the string to be transliterated.

(Please ignore the the Intonation Button. It has no effect here.)

The keyboard mapping used is shown below.

A pure vowel is typed in using the assigned key.

A consonant is typed in using the assigned key. When a consonant is followed by a vowel, the matra is automatically added.

Samyuktakshars are typed in by keeping the control key pressed while entering the second or third consonant. Detailed information in respect of data entry is provided in the multilingual editor help pages

When transliterated, the text will appear with the aksharas that correspond to the syllables in the original Devanagari text. When transliterating into scripts where exact representations of sounds is not possible, equivalent representations are provided, consistent with the recommendations given by the National library standard.


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