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On line Display of Text in Bharati Braille
  This simple demo illustrates how you can obtain the Bharati Braille equivalent of text in different Indian scripts. In other words, the demo relates to converting text in Indian languages into Bharati Braille. Entering Indian language text into a form in a web page continues to be a ticklish issue. Hence the method chosen here allows the text to be input according to a transliteration format (almost identical with ITRANS). You may preview the text in the script of your choice before getting the same in Bharati Braille.
  The text area has the text of Vande Mataram by default and so you can simply submit the form. A button is available for clearing the text so that you may enter your own text. Below the text box is a reference to the transliteration scheme.

 If you are entering your own text, please press ENTER after typing in each line. Enter is required on the last line as well. The text which can be converted is restricted to ten lines as this a demo.

Language Output Type 

ITRANS transliteration Scheme 
(with slight modifications)

  It should be remembered that the ITRANS scheme is language specific and so the information entered may produce arbitrary results if the aksharas have not been provided for in the script selected. The aksharas of Southern languages, specifically zha, rra and na (soft) will be displayed correctly if the above scheme (slightly different from ITRANS) is used.
This demo illustrates how you can get text in Indian languages displayed through Bharati Braille. It also serves as a simple quiz to test your own knowledge of Bharati Braille. 

Details of Bharati Braille are  provided in a separate page in the form of a Tutorial.

The utility llf2brl has many useful features which permit formatting of the Braille output so as to get the same embossed on a Braille Embosser.



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Spectacular view of Sun's rays as he emerges from the peaks of the Annapurna, Machpuchchare (Fish tail) range in the Himalayas. The text in Bharati Braille reads "shreyo bhuyaat sakalajanaanaam" which translates into "May all people be happy and prosperous.

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