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   This page presents the text of the Bhagavadgita. One section in the specified chapter is displayed at a time. A section corresponds to a set of slokas that relate to a specific concept or dialog. The display in Devanagari is effected as an image to enable viewing the same without special software or fonts. Being an image, the download times may be significant, typically 15-30 seconds for most pages.

Bhagavadgita: Chapter 5 ,Section 4

Text of Ch.5_4

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Ch. 1:  S1 S2  S3 S4

Ch. 2:  S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

Ch. 3:  S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

Ch. 4:  S1 S2  S3 S4

Ch. 5:  S1 S2  S3 S4

Ch. 6:  S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

Ch. 7:  S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

Ch. 8:  S1 S2  S3

Ch. 9:  S1 S2  S3 S4  S5


Ch.10: S1 S2  S3 S4

Ch.11: S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

          S6  S7 S8

Ch.12: S1 S2

Ch.13: S1 S2

Ch.14: S1 S2  S3

Ch.15: S1 S2  S3

Ch.16: S1 S2  S3

Ch.17: S1 S2  S3

Ch.18: S1 S2  S3 S4  S5

          S6  S7


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