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Bharati Braille Quiz.
(Dots to Akshara-Sanskrit, Hindi)

Welcome to the Bharati Braille quiz. This quiz is aimed at checking your understanding of the cell assignments for different aksharas. We have assumed that you have gone through the tutorial pages discussing the principles of Bharati Braille. In this quiz, you will be tested for identifying the akshara, given the dot pattern for the cell corresponding to that akshara. There is a reverse quiz presented separately where you have to mark the dots for a given letter.

Here you will be asked to identify the akshara corresponding to a cell marked with dots. The cell will be shown below. This cell can be one of 63 different cells which include the vowels and consonants and punctuation marks. Please type in your answer in the text box shown below the cell and submit the answer. The answer will have to be typed in English. In the case of cells representing more than one choice, you can type in any one of the alternatives.

Within the cell, the presence of a dot is indicated through a larger filled circle and the absence of a dot indicated by a very small filled circle. This small circle is placed for you to identify the relative positions of the dots with respect to the first dot. When you submit your answer, a results page will be displayed indicating the correctness of your answer. A new cell will also be presented. The cells are chosen at random and will not appear in any predictable order. It is possible that you might see a cell repeated occasionally.

What does this cell represent?

Type in your answer in the text box below and submit. The reference chart at the right will be useful for identifying the name to be typed in as the answer. Type in the English name.


Reference chart to get the names in English for the Devanagari aksharas.

Note: In the table above, only 60 cells have been shown. The remaining three relate to punctuation marks. They will not appear in the quiz.

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