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Bharati Braille Quiz
(Akshara to Dots-Kannada)

Welcome to the Braille quiz. This quiz is aimed at checking your understanding of the cell assignments for different characters. We have assumed that you have gone through the tutorial pages discussing the principles of standard Braille applicable to English. There is also a reverse quiz in which a given dot pattern will have to be identified as a specific letter or a text string.

In this quiz, you will be asked to mark the dots for the character that will be presented to you. This character will be one of 63 different strings which include the letters of the alphabet, punctuation and frequently used letter combinations. By "string" we mean the text representation corresponding to a braille cell. Reference to the text strings is given in the tutorial mentioned above.

The Braille Cell with six dots will be shown as checkboxes and you can use your mouse to check a box. A checked box may also be unchecked. When you submit your answer, a results page will be displayed indicating the correctness of your answer. Another character will also be presented. The characters are chosen at random and will not appear in any predictable order. It is possible that you might see a character repeated occasionally.

Given below is an input facility to specify a Braille Cell, i.e., mark one or more dots within the six dot cell. The cell is displayed using six checkboxes arranged in three rows of two boxes each. The mouse can be used to check a box. The TAB key on the keyboard may also be used to locate a box and the checking done with the space bar.

See if you can identify the dots corresponding to the akshara shown above. Checking a box is equivalent to marking a dot. You can uncheck a checked box as well and so correct errors in checking the boxes. Please note that many cells (Braille codes specified in terms of dots) stand for not just one akshara but also a punctuation symbol.



Bharati Braille was proposed as early as 1951. At that time, the possibility of linking the cells to phonetic sounds was considered and there were different opinions on the ordering of the cells in line with the Aksharas of the Indian languages.

Ultimately, the scheme based on the assignments in English Braille was accepted. Since there are as many as 55-60 Aksharas to be dealt with, strict adherence to the English Braille codes is ruled out.

Yet, an effective compromise has been achieved by assigning the aksharas to cells on the basis of the transliterated forms of the Aksharas. Consequently, it will not be easy to think of cell assignments in terms of the seven groups (lines) discussed in the tutorial. Learning Bharati Braille requires one to remember individual cell assignments for many Aksharas.

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