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Welcome to our web site! In these pages we would like to share with you our experiences in developing computer applications in Indian languages to help promote literacy and education in the country. The software developed as part of our effort to take information technology to the people of India, provides a simple and elegant solution to processing information in all the languages of the country in a uniform manner. We also address the needs of the disabled and provide many solutions to help them face the Digital Divide.

Thank you for visiting our site. We do hope you will find the information useful as you navigate the pages. The summary of information available at this web site  will be of help to first time visitors.  

This server hosts the relocated pages from the Acharya site hosted earlier at IIT Madras, from October 1997 to December 2012.

Multilingual Systems
The award winning project undertaken at the Systems Development Laboratory, IIT Madras to permit application development in all the Indian languages. Learn about this unique project that utilizes a novel coding scheme to represent text, resulting in effective IT localization in Indian languages.

IITM Software
The software base for the development of Multilingual applications. Learn how you can use the applications to meet your requirements on Document preparation, Email, Web presentations, Linguistic processing, Search Engines, E-books in Indian languages etc., to name a few. The software will be of great help in delivering local content to groups involved in ICT based projects.

Our Support for the Disabled 
Details relating to the use of the IITM Software for the welfare of the Disabled are covered in the linked page. Speech Enhanced versions of the Multilingual Software find meaningful use by the Visually Handicapped. The Software also includes features to create and emboss documents in Bharati Braille.

NIB and VIKAS are two national level projects run with the help of Vidya Vrikshah a voluntary organization promoting the use of Information Technology for the welfare of the underprivileged and the disabled. Details of the projects are given at the site referenced above.


Credits and Acknowledgments
Traces the stages of development in the project over a period of 14 years and provides information on the students who contributed to the development.

Towards Global harmony
As an educational institution, we worry about issues relating to how Technology should influence or aid life and why life should not be "Technology" for humans on this beautiful planet. There are finer aspects to life than fonts, software copyrights, gigabytes and such. What can be more desirable in the world today than what is stated in the concluding line of that beautiful benediction in Sanskrit, (text seen in the header) so perfectly rendered at the United Nations on Oct.23, 1966? The benediction, well known to those living in India  as "Maitreem Bhajata" , emphasizes the three "da"s the Upanishads prescribe for humanity.


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