Guidelines are displayed below

   For the sake of simplicity as well as uniformity of text input across Browsers, we have decided to avoid Data Entry in Tamil. The query string (in Tamil) for search is actually built up from equivalent Roman letters entered in the search field as per the mapping seen in the image below. Eamples are also included


   The search string in Tamil will be generated only if the string of equivalent Roman letters comes from the set shown in the image. Invalid input will be tagged suitably in the match results window at right.

   On account of the fact that the volumes of Deivathin Kural are massive in terms of content, this search application is written to work with specific groups of words as described below.

Short words having 3-6 aksharas
Long words having more than 6 aksharas
Quoted words with one or more aksharas
Words in English

  Since each volume has very large number of words of varying sizes, it may be difficult to check if a specific word alone is present. For all short words and long words, the search will try and match the first three aksharas of the query and return all matches.The principle here is that our languages are built up on the basis of root words with added suffixes and prefixes. If the search is for quoted words, a single akshara is permitted as one finds several instances of single words in sections dealing with grammar or etymology.

   It is possible that an exact match for a query may still not be available. This may be a consequence of incorrectly typed query or even spelling variations where a word (typically Sanskrit words) may admit of multiple representations in Tamil. To help identify a desired match from a set of partially matched words, the method here returns as many words which match the first few aksharas of the query.

   More information about searching is provided in a separate page.